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 Endless Beauty Lounge Ottawa

Anti-aging & body sculpting Clinic

“Postpones and reverses the signs of aging, bringing about fresh, younger you without painful injections” Revitalize and refresh your face with our Celebrity Medi-lift.  This non-invasive facelift treatment uses a combination of unique nano wave patterns that closely imitate the body’s own message to its muscles to help stimulate the reproduction of our own collagen and elastin.

With the help of special sculpting wands, we can thereby create firmer and healthier skin which provides a more youthful appearance. The Celebrity Face lift is a 5 phase treatment made up of facial sculpting, muscle stimulation, oxygen exfoliation, micro-current and the infusion of our high concentration anti-aging serum. Each treatment is comprised with peptides that reduce preexisting line depths and relax facial tension.  We use Hyaluronic Acid which is the active ingredient in the ineluctable filler, restylane no needles or painful surgery visually reduces signs of aging

firms, lifts, face and neck areas. Restores youthful appearance and glow visibly reduces facial wrinkles and sagging. Stimulates collagen and elastic production. Hydrates and moisturize skin

The Celebrity Face lift is an enjoyable 75 minute facial treatment, done in the comfort of our Anti-Aging and Body Sculpting clinic. Most people will see an immediate change in the tone and texture of their skin, however after the fourth or fifth treatment the client will begin to see sustained changes. Clients typically begin with a corrective series of two treatments per week for five weeks, totaling ten treatments. After your goal is reached, a maintenance program is highly recommended (once a month is typically enough to sustain results).

The Hollywood Medi-lift gives a non-surgical approach to skin tightening and rejuvenation. The system works by using a nano wave, the closest electrical frequency to the current of human skin, in order to help stimulate the production of natural collagen in the skin. By stimulating the skin, it becomes firmer, more resilient, with a more even texture, while helping repair and build tissue.

This non-invasive treatment helps reverse the signs of aging, reduce facial scarring, acne, rosacea, as well as many other facial imperfections. The treatments are pain-free and natural, with proven results. All treatments can be tailor-made by targeting specific areas such as eyes, lips, the neck and chin. Around the eye, the treatment helps by reducing lines, reducing ‘hooded’ eyes and dark circles. The result…rejuvenating benefits that provide restored beauty and vitality.

Our system gently and effectively works to bring the body back to optimal health.  Just one 45-60 minute session with this treatment provides the physical equivalent of 450 sit-ups, leg lifts and bicep curls. In fact, a 45-60 minute session is the equivalent of a 5 hour session in the gym.  However, a client will not feel the kind of soreness and stiff muscles usually associated with this kind of intense workout due to activating the lymphatic system and draining the lactic acid from your muscles. Some people will notice an immediate change, however, a series of treatments is necessary to sustain and maintain these changes melt away inches and sculpt your body!

Tones and tightens muscles! Our Body Sculpting technology provides a 5 wave form sequences and complex series of pre programmed exercises that can be used to disperse and mobilize fat areas and tone muscles anywhere on the body as well as decrease and mobilize fat in certain areas. At the same time, it’s stimulating your lymphatic system to flush out accumulations of toxins and fluids especially those causing the build-up of cellulite and Increasing your blood flow and healthy circulation.

Smooth Sculpting:

Smooth Sculpt is an innovative new method designed to help smooth, contour and tighten skin on all areas of the face and body by combining advanced aesthetic technology with a non-invasive holistic approach to skin revitalization. By utilizing pressure pulsing and suction movements through a cupping wand, Smooth Sculpt stimulates the skin for a smoother, more defined look. With Smooth Sculpt beautiful, youthful-looking skin is a possibility at any age.


Service Amount say goodbye to messy crystals and scratching and say hello to cool, lush elegance! The elegant alternative to micro-dermabrasion with only the use of sterile saline solution, we power wash your skin to clean, exfoliate and hydrate anywhere on your body. The new technology also allows a mist infusion of nutrients into the open channels of the skin, unclogging pores, treating acne and removing any debris that has built up in the skin over the years.

This treatment is highly effective for wrinkle reduction, skin texture improvement, and removal of unwanted pigmentation by not just working on the skin’s surface but at the cellular level. It exfoliates, hydrates, peels, plumps, firms, brightens and infuses without any trauma to the skin!

It has been clinically proven to deliver immediate results for a variety of skin care concerns. Our fully trained therapist will be able to create the best procedure to suit your individual needs.

Moisture is essential to provide support to the collagen fibers – however 80% of moisture exists at the deeper layers of the skin, which cannot be improved by the topical application of creams. This unique Jet delivery system can deliver essential moisturizing and effective ingredients to these deeper layers of the skin without the use of needles. The Jet-Infusions such as Wrinkle Attack, Hyaluronic Acid, Acne Purifying, and Vitamin C will depend on the benefits that you are wishing to achieve and will be recommended by your therapist.

 Exfoliation and Infusion Treatment Frequency

Exfoliation – 1 per week x series of 6

Acne – every 2 weeks x series of 4

Wrinkles, scars, pigment – every 3 weeks x series of 4

Meso Therapy solutions has been limited to injections into the skin until recently. The same transforming results are now available to you through the super penetrating effects of TED technology without the use of needles and injections. This new advancement takes us further into anti aging therapies that are safe, non-invasive and highly effective and also used to remove:

Age spots, Scarring, Sun damage, Acne scars, Stretch marks.

Viginal rejuvenation

AQ VRS is a breakthrough system for vaginal rejuvenation. Through GF technology, VRS serves as part of the body's natural lubrication, which consists of thick fluid that is deposited to contact the walls encircling the vagina. VRS rejuvenates the vagina by helping to restore the body's natural vagina functions. The product is formulated using specific factors that aid in hydrating the interior vaginal walls and, thus allowing more sensation and youthful resilience to an important part of a woman's body. Relieves vaginal dryness and soothes irritation, improves vaginal wall resilience and functions. Enhances female sexual arousal and intercourse.

AQ Advanced Hair Complex

 is a natural growth factor serum that targets conditions of thinning hair, hardening of the scalp, and weakening of the hair follicles. It is designed to restore the health of hair follicles by nourishing them with a complex formulation present in healthy young follicles. The formula aids to deliver nutrition to the scalp, which increases circulation around the hair shaft and encourages the restoration of damaged hair follicles. A natural, cutting-edge solution that targets the source of many hair loss conditions by rejuvenating the scalp Ingredients within the AQ Hair Complex specifically selected to achieve maximum penetration and benefit safe for both men and women with no "drug-like" or hormonal side effects can be combined with other hair loss treatments.